Ten Tips To Ensure…… your next book doesn’t suck

People often say to me:

“Harry, what are the most common mistakes made by new writers…”

(yes, before you ask, people ask me stuff in comic sans all the time. It’s fine. Really.)

And I sigh like an author who’s just been asked for the 98th time where her ideas come from, and say something like:

“There are a few things that most people do wrong… but it’s not especially a new author thing. There are so many things an author can do wrong, that you might be in your 23rd manuscript before you get around to dealing with some  of these problems.”

(I talk in Book Antiqua, in case you were wondering.)


I continue

“I decided to do an infographic of ten things that are reasonably easy to get right. They might be very minor issues for some writers – they might be obvious for others – they might have passed completely under your radar.”

And there you have it. Feel free to share/pin or whatever it is you youngsters do these days.

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