Poetry Challenge Week One - Western Haiku - Harry Dewulf

Poetry Challenge Week One – Western Haiku

The Western Haiku is a simplified version of a traditional Japanese poem, also known as hokko.


1 stanza.


Stanza of 17 syllables in 3 lines.

1 line of 5 syllables
1 line of 7 syllables
1 line of 5 syllables
(5, 7, 5)


Traditionally, a haiku is observation or commentary on a single topic, often from two different and sometimes conflicting points of view.


The wind blows too strong
Unripe fruit falls from the trees
The mill grinds faster.


Harry Dewulf

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Valerie Leroyer - 4 years ago

Winter day, full of joy
’cause it’s snowing and I Iove it
Going skying one more time.

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