Hear me talk about editing and stuff!

It has been my honor and privilege to be invited to appear, from time to time, on a podcast or two. I enjoy doing this and if you have a podcast of your own and are ever stuck for a guest, feel free to ask me! Click the logo to visit and listen to the podcast.

The Creative Penn – Joanna Pennep #141: Early Diagnosis Editing with Harry Dewulf

This is where I fanboy out. Joanna is very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to.

She’s long been my #1 resource; her podcasts are a gold-mine and her books an always accessible, solid and reliable resource.

  • Harry’s definition of good writing. (It might surprise you).
  • The top three things often wrong with first novels.
  • Whether dictating a story helps us use other parts of our brain that might not be accessed by typing alone.
  • How to decide who your protagonist is.

Bleeding Inkep #17: In which we drink from the holy grail

A long, thorough and detailed journey through some of the principles of the creative process.

A special interview with an unusual and distinctive interviewer.

“TL;DR Harry Dewulf has an intimate relationship with the English language. He’s helped shape numerous writers into award winning authors. This vitamin-infused episode will teach you “how” to be edited, how to boost your writing culture, how to write “for” an audience, and, above all, it will teach you the holy grail of writing.”

Rocking Self Publishing – with Simon Whistlerep #141: Early Diagnosis Editing with Harry Dewulf

Back on RSP for a second appearance, early 2016, to talk about the value of Early Diagnosis – checking your writing for stylistic and narration problems before you write a whole book full of them.

Find out more here.

This week professional literary editor and creative writing teacher Harry Dewulf returns to RSP to talk about the advantages of working with an editor before writing your book, why he disagrees with Yoda on one philosophical point, and the most important thing skill authors must develop to find success with readers.”

Kev & Steve’s Indie Publishing Adventureep IPA #06 & #13: Harry Dewulf

ANFSCD: Better known for the Mature Gamer Podcast, Kev and Steve have also made occasional forays into the world of Self Publishing. This is one of them. 

This might be a little off the beaten path. Which is good.

“Our first interview, and it’s fantastic. Editor Harry Dewulf talks us through his edit of the first couple of chapters of our new zombie serial Left Behind. Expect some fantastic insight along the way. This one is a must listen for new writers who haven’t been able to afford to get an editor yet.”

I talk some more about editing, and also about a project I was working on in 2015 called Narrative Path, which was, what I’m going to call a “valuable learning experience.”

Seriously, I met some great people and learned a whole lot, and the course that it produced, Read Worthy Fiction, is still available.

“So it looks like we’re finally relaunching this show then – who’d have thought? Our first interview of the new style show is with editor extraordinaire Harry Dewulf. Harry takes us behind the scenes on the editing process, talks us through his new novel writing course, and explains why Kev’s new short story idea is rubbish.”

Self Publishing Round Table (SPRT)ep #037: Harry Dewulf & Content Editing

With the SPRT “orginal lineup!” A somewhat more relaxed (read ‘anarchic’) atmosphere, discussing much the same stuff.

And yep; Darren got me this gig, too!

This week we have Harry Dewulf who is a content editor (or developmental editor). Harry has a lot of experience and has done some wonderful things for people with their books. Including our friend and recent guest co-host, Darren Wearmouth.”

Rocking Self Publishing – with Simon Whistlerep #12: Effective Editing with Harry Dewulf

My first podcast appearance, way back in 2013; Darren Wearmouth, co author of bestseller First Activation, suggested I appear on the show after he did. Simon Whistler’s podcast has gone on to be one of the best know self-publishing podcasts.

“In this episode I talk to editor Harry Dewulf about the different types of editing available to indie authors. The episode should clarify what is meant by the huge number of terms out there referring to the different types of editing.”