Moatcast Q&A March 2018: Genre Fiction Writing - Harry Dewulf

Moatcast Q&A March 2018: Genre Fiction Writing

"chock full of advice how to be a good writer"

I might have brought some writing talent to the table initially, but what made me the writer I am now? Listening to this man.

Timandra Whitecastle  //  Author, The Living Blade series

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March 29th, Themed Q & A


Genre isn't a dirty word

I mentioned in the last Moatcast that genre is often seen as a way of segregating fiction. Many authors dread the question "what sort of books do you write?" because they know how close behind a judgement is likely to be.

In this month's podcast we're going to be talking about, and taking questions on, the advantages of genre fiction and how to exploit them, and the disadvantages of genre fiction and how to turn them to your advantage.

Your magnum opus

Many authors are driven by an artistic animus, the need to get something that's in here out there. But in the mean time, you have to pay the bills. Genre fiction sells.

I'll say that again:

Genre Fiction Sells

...with guest co-host Craig Gordon!

Following the success of last month's Live Lesson, and the results of the poll conducted during the session, I have decided to institute regular themed Q&A webinars, and have a guest co-host every time.

You will also notice there's a title and a logo. The title was coined by March 2018 guest co-host Craig Gordon - so it seemed only fair to invite him along.

"Moatcast" - n. a broadcast from the battlements of Castle Dewulf

Craig Gordon, SF author and man pretending he knows how to look serious

Theme: Writing Genre Fiction

At the start of the webinar, I will give a short introduction to the topic, and Craig will introduce himself.

We'll then proceed to answer some of the questions we've already received, before taking questions live from anyone who attends.

If you want to ask a question in advance, ask via twitter using the box below, or email me via

#Moatcast032018 Question:

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