Storytelling is art, not engineering.

Storytelling is social, not mechanical.‚Äč

Putting POV* to bed.

A misunderstanding of POV is seriously hampering the effectiveness of your writing.

In this free Live Lesson, I’m going to explore the purpose of POV, and show you why on its own, it’s not enough to achieve those goals. So I’m also going to explain to you what is enough.

POV itself is easy. The main reason people think it’s hard is because they try to make it work too hard. Try to achieve with POV alone what experienced authors do with a whole host of techniques.

Register for The Last Word in POV now. If you miss this, you’re going to miss out on a free one hour primer in the creative writing techniques that bring your reader closer to your characters, make your reader care, and want to care, about your characters, and solve at a stroke all the problems that POV causes, and all the problems that POV can’t solve.

* POV is “point of view” – but you knew that.