Shouting about writing from the battlements

A Moatcast is midway between a podcast and a webinar. Moatcasts are live (although you can watch a reply once it’s available). Moatcasts address a specific writing issue, either as a Live Lesson or as a themed Q & A. For Q & A I have a guest co-host.

Topics covered so far:

  • Coming next: the power of Unities – simple guidelines for great storytelling
  • Collaboration – and an artist’s attitude to art
  • POV – Psychic Distance
  • Genre Fiction
  • Keeping the reader’s attention

If you have an idea for a topic, or would like to participate as a guest-cohost, feel free to get in touch:

All Moatcasts are Free. I might even give you some free stuff (mostly coupons for my courses)

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