First Live Training: Cheap Thrill Alternatives - Harry Dewulf

First Live Training: Cheap Thrill Alternatives


As you know I'm constantly designing new courses and looking for ways to teach authors all the things. At least all the things I know.

On February 28th I'm doing a live webinar called "Cheap Thrills Alternatives: How to Hook Your Readers & Keep them Turning Pages Without Resorting to Cliffhangers, Melodrama, or Exhausting Pacing."

It's a mouthful, but it pretty much sums up the contents of this training. I'm on a mission at the moment to show authors that what you've always suspected is really true: it's easier to sell a good book than a bad one. In this seminar I'm going to teach three ways to build your authority and reputation from between the covers.

It's free to all, and I'm doing it live because that's when I'm at my best.


There's a temporary, unedited replay (which starts with about 4 minutes of silence!) available from this link:

From April there will be an edited version. I'll add a button here when it's ready.

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