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…from time to time, it pays to take a fresh look at what you’re doing. That’s where Harry Dewulf helped me enormously…Author: link

Martin Turnbull 

Manuscript Editing

I provide 12 full manuscript edits per year. This is a detailed process where I will read, annotate and edit two drafts of your book, and guide you as necessary through your rewrite so you learn as much as possible from the process of making your book as good as you can make it.

Manuscript edits cost between $3000 and $5000 for a typical length novel.

Every year I offer two half-price edits. You can apply for one using the application form.

Application Form


Other services

I also provide various “one-off” services adapted to limited budgets:

  • Story Development Consultation – talk to me about your book/story idea and I show you how to make it great
  • Editorial Assessment – I’ll read your book for a per-word fee and give you a detailed analysis and suggestions for changes and improvements
  • Early Diagnosis – send me the first 20,000 words and I’ll do a detailed close analysis of the first 5000 to 1000 words for only $150  >> click here!

Same application form. Tell me your troubles and I’ll tell you what I can do to help.

Application Form


Author Coaching – Castle Dewulf

“Castle Dewulf” is my exclusive coaching program which is only open to authors who fulfil certain requirements. You can find out more here: Castle Dewulf Author Coaching

Even if you don’t meet the requirements, I can still prepare a tailor-made coaching program for you.

One-to-one coaching is based on a specific writing project that I will help you to define. It is typically a 6 or 12 month process.

I provide regular coaching sessions (adapted to your creative process), as well as outlining, planning and story development, and regular assistance during the writing process, and an edit at the end of the process.

You will have access to my exclusive clients’ forum, free access to all my courses.

Use the application form if you want to find out more.

Application Form

…the author as the lone genius artist is a myth… Harry Dewulf’s insights of my themes and structures has been crucial in making necessary adjustments that impact the story so much harderAuthor: link

Timandra Whitecastle 

Some of my Authors

Here are just a few of the authors and books I’ve had the opportunity to work with.


Timandra’s debut novel Touch of Iron was released in 2016 and has had a warm reception.Kirkus Reviews said:“Realistic, character-driven fantasy that manages to both sever limbs and warm the heart.”

Tommy Arnold‘s cover came 2nd in SPFBO’s cover art competition.

Touch of IronOn the Wheel

J. S. Morin

J. S. Morin writes a variety of genres, but there’s always a lively mix of SF, adventure, thriller and fantasy.

His “Black Ocean” series is what Firefly would have been like if it had been written by Harry Harrison in Ursula K le Guin’s basement while binge watching Farscape.

Touch of IronOn the Wheel


First Activation reached #1 in the Post-Apocalyptic category when it was self-published in 2013. The Wearmouth Brothers have since sold the rights to 47North (an Amazon imprint), and are now traditionally publishing their bestselling series.



Totaled won a Jovian award for Best Short Story and Poseidon’s Eyes won Writers of the Future and was included in Volume 31 (pictured) of the L. Ron Hubbard  2015 Best Science Fiction compilation.




Author/Writer Resources

Maybe you want to learn the basics in your own time, or you want to get access to some of my knowledge of both the foundations of writing, and some advanced skills for getting readers hooked on your work? You can always start with my Courses, or my book, Edit Ready.

I’ve also provided a short Resources Page with a few carefully selected links to the essentials that all authors need.

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