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How to Build Story Hooks

When you buy a book in a shop, you can open it to chapter one and start reading. If it doesn’t grab you right away, you can put it straight back on the shelf.

If you buy an e-book online, you can look at the first few pages for free, and decide in exactly the same way, if you want to read the rest.

So as an author, how do you write the first few pages to ensure that the reader will buy your book? 

You have to make them want to read the rest. 

To do that, you have to hook them.

In this short course I will show you the techniques I have been teaching to authors for a decade. I will show you not just how, but why hooking works, so that you won’t need a formula, you won’t need a clever or original idea. 

You’ll know how to promise the reader exactly what they want, and never disappoint.

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