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Poetry in a Few Words

‚ÄčI use poetry to teach people better communication. It’s the ultimate workout for your linguistic, presentational and public-speaking muscles. Poetry can help you in your chosen career – whatever it might be. Poetry can even help you to land your dream job!I’m in the process of developing a much deeper, longer course (for people who want to become master communicators), I’ve created this short, simple course to enable anyone who is curious to dip their toe in the poetical waters.In this course, my challenge is to teach you enough that you will be able to write a simple poem, using rhyme and rhythm, even if you’ve never written (or even read) a poem in your life?Your challenge is to learn, practice, and produce.I’ve set up dedicated forums to enable students to share all their attempts, and completed poems, with me and each other. So enrol, and discover what poetry can do for you.

You can also watch me ranting about the forgotten importance of poetry in a writer’s education in my garden!

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