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I call it “author” not “story” coaching because my approach is to teach the author rather than to “correct” the manuscript.

Exclusive Author Coaching

Author coaching in Castle Dewulf is available only if you write at a professional or semi-professional pace, and only if your writing meets an minimum standard, and you have the potential, attitude and ambition to work towards mastery of the craft of storytelling.

Castle Dewulf Author Coaching is adapted to you and your goals. We will use twice-monthly sessions to develop your writing in a variety of ways, derived both from your own goals and ambitions, and my set of general author objectives, some of which are listed below.

  • master your craft
  • use better writing to drive sales
  • refine your personal style
  • develop your strengths
  • perfect your creative process
  • inspire readers to become fans
  • be conscious of the processes and mechanisms of the reader’s experience

What you can learn from author coaching can’t be learned any other way, because your writing is about you; so, ultimately, author coaching is about you. No one can write a craft book about you. No one can design an online course that’s about you. Although my time is limited, my patience and imagination are not.

If you have the desire and the potential, I’ll lower the drawbridge


your Craft

We’ll take our cues from your personal and creative goals, and from the strengths and successes of your existing work, and apply it to developing your current and future catalogue.

I will show you how to use your own strengths to develop your understanding and deployment of literary techniques, to make artistic creation a fully conscious process that always achieves your aims.


your Personal Style

Building your reputation as an author is about making your work recognizable; I will help you to discover how you can allow your personality to show through your work without interfering with the readers enjoyment of the story, without breaking the reader’s immersion.


your Creative Process

We will devote part of every session to discussing and understanding creativity, in order to find what motivates you and identify the right conditions for you to be at your most creative. Through this, you will see how to turn writing into a repeatable, reliable process that produces regular output, without ever becoming repetitive or mundane.

Dodge the Bullet

of negative reviews

We’ll work on your style and storytelling technique to eliminate issues that can provoke negative reviews. There’s no “list-post” or “craft book” that can help every author. The worst flaws in your writing are uniquely yours, and only coaching can show you how to deal with them by either eliminating, compensating or even making a virtue of them.

Don’t let your style or technique harm your sales.


your strengths

Every author is different, no author can escape who they are, and readers want to get to know you. Coaching will enable you to recognize your strengths, build them into a reliable platform, so you can express your creativity with a maximum of freedom.


readers to become fans

What could be better than a reader who buys and reads everything you write? Imagine how much less you have to spend on advertizing when the main reason people buy your next book is how much they loved the last one.

Coaching will help you to focus on how you can use your style, your personality, your ideas and your values to form the kind of bond between you and the reader that will make them a fan.


to get into Castle Dewulf

Author Coaching costs:

3 months

 $ 1875

6 months

 $ 3125

save $ 104 /month

12 months

 $ 5625

save $ 156 /month

There is an additional 10% discount that is available during promotions for a limited number of places.

Limited Places

There are a total of 15 places. 3 places are currently available at a discounted rate. 5 places are also available at full rate.


My expectation is that you’re writing at a professional pace. That means a minimum of 3k words per week. How you do that is up to you, but we are going to have a twice-monthly call scheduled and I need to have your submission 48-hours in advance. If you’re not ready, there are no refunds and no extensions. Life happens and we will always make exceptions, but part of my job as a coach is to hold you accountable. If you join this program, you will hit your targets or I will ask you to give your spot to a writer who can. So only apply if you’re serious.

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