Poetry Thing

Business Development Manager

Because I teach poetry

I built a tool to help you.

Random Poetical Form Generator.

Choose a complexity setting, then either choose your own rules or select "choose for me" to generate a random form.

You will have to name the form yourself!

Poem Complexity

Basic--(2 to 3 rules)
Intermediate--(2 to 4 rules)
Complex--(4 to 8 rules)
Customize--choose what rules to pick from,
and how many to apply

Number of rules to apply

choose for me 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
if you don't choose enough rules, I will!

Include specific rules or decorations ("Customize" only):

Complex rhymes -- (more complex than ABAB/ABCB / AABB)
"Awkward" rhymes--(forced, Hudibrastic, visual, dialect)
Rhythm--(basic Tumpty rhythms, all lines the same)
Mixed Rhythms--(complex Tumpty rhythms and different lines)
Syllable count
Line count(2 to 40 but small numbers are more likely)
Stanzas(and stanza count)
Internal rhymes--(rhyming words before the end of lines)
Wreathing--(end line words rhyme internally in other lines)
Looping--(the same word or line starts and ends poems or stanzas)
Alliteration--(repeated consonant sounds)
Assonance--(repeated vowel sounds)
Repetition--(words or phrases are repeated)
Image lexicon--(all imagery chosen from a fixed theme)

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