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Business Development Manager

Telling better stories and telling stories better

This is where I try to explain what I do, but to be honest, it varies from author to author. No matter where you are in your writing career, I can probably help you, but my experience is that each author needs a different kind of help, so I always do a first consultation for free, and often end up just giving free advice where it is needed, so don't hesitate to email me your questions. I started doing this when Kindle Direct Publishing first started, and many of my clients either are, or started out as self-published authors. So I've been doing this a while and have a lot of experience to draw on.


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In all probability, you're here because you either did one of my courses on Udemy or someone told you about my work with authors, so I probably don't need to tell you much more other than: email me harry AT harrydewulf DOT com.

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Udemy courses

Frankly the best way to learn about my courses is to head on over to Udemy, via this page: Harry Dewulf on Udemy

The information about me on that page is probably out of date, but people continue to try out and enjoy my courses every month so I must have done something right.


Over the years I've build up a large library of useful resources for authors. Quite a lot of them are available on the Resources page, for you to look at or even download.

Other places where I am busy

I'm quite prolific on Quora where I write about a range of topics, not just creative writing. You are welcome to look me up Over There.

I'm also quite active on Reddit in a range of other topics, like gaming.

I can also occasionally be found on Stack Exchange...

If you know where to look you can find me on Daily WTF

If you have a subscription to New Scientist you can find the letters I sent them that they published...

Contact me

Seriously, just send me an email

I'm not active on most socials so there's no point trying to message me that way, even if you find me. My public email address is harry AT harrydewulf DOT com