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I originally recorded this lesson for listeners to Rocking Self Publishing. If you haven’t heard the interview, click the link to open a new page.This is an audio masterclass that helps you connect with the Reader Experience Principles of:

  • Drama
  • Sympathy
  • Identification
  • Trust
  • Satisfaction

All of which determine what it is like to read your book, how it feels, and the impression it leaves.Not only that… if you stick around until the end, I cover 6 Narrative Devices you can use immediately to help improve your story’s Reader Experience. Those are:

  • Throw-Catch
  • Drop-Catch
  • Drop-Trip
  • Slow Burn
  • Steady Build
  • Ouroboros

Total listening time is a little less than 33 minutes, so feel free to bookmark this page and visit whenever you like.Thanks for stopping by.

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