My new course, Poetry in a Few Words launched in July 2017. I’m still working on  “Poetry for Writers and Non-Writers” which might be a course, it might be a poetry anthology. Either way it’s getting big; over 100 poetical forms and counting, with an original poem for each one.

If you want to find out more about Poetry for Writers and Non-Writers, use the sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, if you want to practice your poetry skills, or hone them, or test them to destruction, why not try out my “Poetry Box”.

Poetry Box is a random black box poetry form generator. Select your options, click the button, and it will give you a set of rules to apply when you write your next poem.‚Äč

Poem Box Options

Poem Complexity

Basic–(2 to 3 rules)
Intermediate–(2 to 4 rules)
Complex–(4 to 8 rules)
Customize–choose what rules to pick from,
and how many to apply

Number of rules to apply

choose for me 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
if you don’t choose enough rules, I will!

Include specific rules or decorations (“Customize” only):

Complex rhymes — (more complex than ABAB/ABCB / AABB)
“Awkward” rhymes–(forced, Hudibrastic, visual, dialect)
Rhythm–(basic Tumpty rhythms, all lines the same)
Mixed Rhythms–(complex Tumpty rhythms and different lines)
Syllable count
Line count(2 to 40 but small numbers are more likely)
Stanzas(and stanza count)
Internal rhymes–(rhyming words before the end of lines)
Wreathing–(end line words rhyme internally in other lines)
Looping–(the same word or line starts and ends poems or stanzas)
Alliteration–(repeated consonant sounds)
Assonance–(repeated vowel sounds)
Repetition–(words or phrases are repeated)
Image lexicon–(all imagery chosen from a fixed theme)

Generate Poem Box

(click “go”)