A faster way to improve, and sell, your art.

All publishing is collaboration.

Are authors lonely?

The obvious answer to anyone whose been an author for long is no – at least I think it is.

This Moatcast is all about collaboration:

  • why authors choose to collaborate artistically, and
  • why authors can’t avoid artistic collaboration

Prepare your questions, and prepare to find out:

How collaboration – and good collaborative skills – can make your awesome story into a great book.

How collaboration with other authors is one of the best roots not only to a better book, but to a longer marketing reach, more sales, and more visibility.

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Joining me as guest cohost:

Scarlett Rugers from The Book Design House.

Scarlett has been a book designer and business coach for over a decade and has worked with publishers and authors on dozens of books.

Register now so you don’t miss out: this is an hour long free Webinar, where you can ask, and get answers to, your questions on collaboration as both a traditionally published or self-published author. What are the benefits and pitfalls? How can you best find the best partners for the production of your book?

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