Touching the Mask

"People make stories. Stories make people. Live a better story."


Has anyone ever asked you:

who are you?

what do you do?

what's your role?

what's your background?

what's your story?

let me tell you a tale...

Who are you? What is your story?

Do you give the same answer to everyone?

Is it the same story everywhere?

Do you ever feel like... different places, you're different people...

...and you have more than just one story to tell?

Touching the Mask is a way of revealing, discovering, and making sense of who you are and how you describe yourself, to yourself, and to others.

Touching the mask is about what your story is.

What? What is a story? What do we use them for, and why? Is it a mask?

Your? What makes it yours? Is it really your story or are you trying to fit a story because you think you should?

Story? ​Is it really a story at all? How much can you rely on stories? And when will they let you down?

"People make stories. Stories make people."

I teach people to own their stories.

To take ownership of your stories is to take control of your life. To give yourself choices, options, opportunities.

To own your story is to be your own author. To decide the course of your life, as an author decides the plot of a novel.

"Live a better story."

Living a better story means applying the lessons of Touching the Mask to all aspects of your life; to your relationships, your personal wellbeing, your career, your social and political choices, your friendships, your family.

The lessons of Touching the Mask will give you control and direction, and have applications in a diverse range of settings:

Let me tell you a story...

"Who Owns your Story?" is my book, about how stories form who we are, but also about how making new stories enables us to influence the culture that created us. It will be available to buy shortly, or to download for free, using the sign-up below.

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