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Early Diagnosis Edit

Why do you need this?

A first chapter has to make the reader want to read the rest of the book.

Editing can be expensive; if there are weaknesses in your narrative technique, many of them can be found, and you can learn to avoid, mitigate or turn them into strengths, before you write your 100,000 word manuscript.

Find out more about the importance of getting an Early Diagnosis from my interview with Simon at Rocking Self-Publishing.

You can be sure that you first chapter does its work - preparing the reader, hooking the reader.

You can deal with any technical issues you may have before you write the whole book.

You can save time and money on editing downstream.

Starting your manuscript is also beginning your book.
Start as you mean to continue.

What do you get?

The beginning of your book analyzed in close detail.

A list of issues, with ideas, suggestions, solutions, even lessons and exercises, so you can write a first chapter with power and impact, and continue writing with some important lessons under your belt.

An optional 60 minutes of live consulting.

How much does an Early Diagnosis Edit cost?

149 USD for 5kl - 10kl

An additional 75 USD if you want me to read 15kl - 17.5kl

60 minutes of live consulting for 149 USD

How can you get an Early Diagnosis Edit?

Press the button, get your diagnosis now!

Get your first 10,000 words dead right before you write the next 90,000!