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Poetry in a Few Words

I use poetry to teach people better communication. It's the ultimate workout for your linguistic, presentational and public-speaking muscles.
Poetry can help you in your chosen career - whatever it might be. Poetry can even help you to land your dream job!

  • Write a short poem that includes both rhyme and rhythm.
  • Know the basics of "hearing the beat"
  • Grasp the rudiments of Tumpty Notation

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Read Worthy Fiction

RWF is a course, hosted on Udemy, for new writers, to guide you through the process of completing your first manuscript.
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How to create Story Hooks

Story Hooks is a course, hosted on Zenler. Take this course to learn how to hook, and keep, your readers.
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"The Top" - What is a Story?

What is a Story? is for anyone who wants to learn to write good stories, anyone who wants to be able to create unlimited numbers of original story ideas, and wants to do so by studying the basic principles.
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3 Foundations of Style

3 Foundations of Style is for all authors and writers, with lessons and exercises to teach you how to become a master of style.
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Ten Exercises for Writers and Authors

I regularly create exercises to help authors to work on specific aspects of the creative process, in particular in linking the creative, imaginative work to the work of getting words on the page. This is a selection of ten exercises with short lessons and explanations.

You can either do the Standard version where you can do the exercises offline and share your ideas, questions and work with other students, or the Premium version where you can submit your work to me for personalized feedback, advice and suggestions for further practice.

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