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Coaching - Career and Business

Career coaching is for ambitious individuals willing to invest time and money in their skills. I will teach you how to engage people so they want to listen to you; how to put yourself across so people recognize who you are and what you stand for; how to build confidence and self-belief, and how to use them to achieve your goals.

$ 500

Single Consultation

90-120 minute consultation

putting yourself across, making a lasting impression

suitable for: MBA students and graduates; preparing for interviews

$ 2500

storytelling tuition

6 months of bi-monthly sessions

always have something to say; always say it engagingly; make people want to hear you speak.

serious, committed, ambitious businesspeople

$ 5000

intensive tuition

2 to 4 weeks

unlock your storytelling skills in the shortest possible time

when you can't afford to wait

$ 10 000+

on site intensive tuition

2 weeks of my undivided attention - or however you need it scheduled

how to become an elite communicator

Directors, VPs, CEOs who need to present to the public, to shareholders, to investors; show them you're cultured, articulate, engaging

Business coaching is tailored precisely to your current daily needs - whether you want specific storytelling techniques for a current project or you want to raise you skill in presenting ideas more generally.