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How to writeCozy Mysteries

“Mystery writing can be summed up as starting with the discovery that something is lost or that something is found; usually what’s lost is a life and what’s found is a corpse.”

Cozy Mysteries are the ones where there’s a body (usually in a library), a small group of suspects, each of whom has something to gain or something to lose, and a great detective who, by chance or by design, is there to solve the conundrum of… Whodunnit?

This is a course designed to teach some of the core principles of storytelling by teaching you how to write a Cozy Mystery.

In this course you will learn:

  • What makes a Cozy cozy
  • The basic structure of a cozy
  • The various types and styles, and
  • How to put the types and styles into practice
  • How to build stories around “Revelation” in a way that will satisfy readers
  • … and be sure your story is classified as a Cozy Mystery, so that everyone who loves the genre will buy your book.

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