On the Feast of Stephen – one from the archives

Some of my own writing… Originally written on St Stephen’s day, 1995. I updated it a little for a recording a few years ago. “Good King Wenceslas” A Christmas Fairy Tale GOOD King Wenceslas looked outOn the feast of StephenWhere the snow lay all aboutDeep, and crisp, and even.Brightly shone the Moon that nightThough the […]

Moatcast Q&A March 2018: Genre Fiction Writing

“chock full of advice how to be a good writer” I might have brought some writing talent to the table initially, but what made me the writer I am now? Listening to this man. Timandra Whitecastle  //  Author, The Living Blade series Scroll down for the replay… March 29th, Themed Q & A 00Days00Hours00Minutes00SecondsRegister here: […]

Your General SF Culture – story influences

Author’s Culture and Story Influences As an editor, I’m sometimes more conscious of where stories come from than many of the writers whose work crosses my desk. This isn’t a surprise. Story influences are sometimes less important than the stories they inspire. Nonetheless I was a little shocked to discover that one of my authors, […]

3 Kinds of Smarts

An Unfinished Definition A while ago – a fair while ago, I wrote a series of blog posts detailing the major difference between types of mental competence. I talk about intelligence, cleverness, cunning and wisdom. That post is all about what the words mean, where they come from, and how those types of intelligence are […]