On the Feast of Stephen – one from the archives

Some of my own writing… Originally written on St Stephen’s day, 1995. I updated it a little for a recording a few years ago. “Good King Wenceslas” A Christmas Fairy Tale GOOD King Wenceslas looked outOn the feast of StephenWhere the snow lay all aboutDeep, and crisp, and even.Brightly shone the Moon that nightThough the […]

How to tell Good Fantasy from Bad Fantasy

A literary authority (to me) My mum can’t stand fantasy, because it isn’t real. If you ask her about fantasy, she’ll complain about magic spells and monsters and elves and hobbits and whatnot. My mum is one of the smartest people I know. She has a PhD (​Petrarch et le Pétrarquisme avant le Pleiade if […]

The 8 Rules of Naming

WhoThing and WhatHer The story takes place in an imagined world, so it doesn’t have real-world placenames. The place is inhabited by indigenous flora and fauna that are unknown on Earth, so they have their own, local names. And the folks that live there have, to coin a phrase, never heard of Birmingham. So of […]

Overcoming Laziness: How the Writer Has Become Their Own Worst Enemy

People are lazy. Wait, I’ll say that in a broader sense. Nature is lazy. Now you might find this opinion piece hard to swallow if you’re a young Earth creationist, and you might even find it problematic if you believe that God thought of evolution long before man was smart enough to catch up, although […]