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On the Feast of Stephen – one from the archives
Some of my own writing... Originally written on St Stephen's day, 1995. I updated it a little for a recording[...]
Moatcast Live Lesson June 2018: The Three Unities of Communication
Storytelling is art, not engineering. Storytelling is social, not mechanical.​ Putting POV* to bed. A misunderstanding of POV is seriously[...]
Moatcast Q & A May 2018: The Lonely Author
A faster way to improve, and sell, your art.All publishing is collaboration.Are authors lonely?The obvious answer to anyone whose been[...]
Moatcast Live Lesson April 2018: The Last Word on POV
Storytelling is art, not engineering.Storytelling is social, not mechanical.​Putting POV* to bed.A misunderstanding of POV is seriously hampering the effectiveness[...]
Moatcast Q&A March 2018: Genre Fiction Writing
"chock full of advice how to be a good writer"I might have brought some writing talent to the table initially,[...]

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