Writing Software: The Ultimate Resource List for Book Writing Programs

Plenty of published authors can, and are happy to, write their novels on manual typewriters, dictaphones, or generalist word processors like Microsoft Word. But ever since the desktop publishing revolution (which began, it is said, in 1983 with Type Processor One), some authors of fiction have wondered if tools specifically for them might not be […]

Book Editing: The Definitive Guide to Finding the Right Editor

Publishing is about product, writing is about process. ~ Emma Darwin Why do you want any kind of edit? Writing fiction is a unique creative exercise, because unlike every other creative art (except perhaps music), fiction depends on rules, guidelines and conventions – it depends on being recognized as fiction – and fiction depends on […]

Editorial Expectations: What You Should Expect From Your Editor

What follows is a series of posts that I originally wrote several years ago, as part of the process of articulating the importance of the work of the literary editor. I've revised (2016) and collected them all here, in the following sections with original publication dates in brackets: What Makes An Editor (2011-08-09) What to […]

English Grammar: A Contradiction in Terms #1 – Past Tenses

This is a new series where I will give examples of standard English that are ungrammatical. I'm not talking about idiom, nor about those exceptions that escape the rules. These will not be obscure, nor exceptional, just correct English that is grammatical nonsense.