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In between editing manuscripts, I answer questions on Quora. Could 100 men with machine guns (plus a tank and a helicopter) conquer the ancient world? Skip the research and get real perspective. Ask your questions there and I will always give you my best answer. Alternatively, you can tweet me with the hashtag #AskDewulf, and I’ll add your answer to the queue for my upcoming YouTube channel.

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This is a constantly evolving list of the most popular blog content on the site. In addition to my Warning Words list, I consider many of these posts required reading for anyone that wants to grow as a storyteller and write better fiction.The 21st Century Writer, Part IIRead More 2 New Books! One available now!Read More The Story SpellRead More Chapter 24 – GeographyRead More The 21st Century Writer – Hardware for Authors in 2016 and 2017Read More The Future of Wearable Tech… and of all personal computingRead More 

Read Worthy Fiction Course

In Spring 2015 I officially launched the Read Worthy Fiction course. It’s designed to teach you – in only 500 words a day – how to discover your own novel writing process, using everything I’ve learned about writing novels in the last 8 years. The course is now available on Udemy, so head on over and get started: Read Worthy Fiction on Udemy. Sign up (below) to my mailing list to get news about the course; there will also occasionally be promo coupons.

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FREE: The Story Road Map

The Story Road Map helps you orient your story idea so you will know exactly what you need to keep your readers turning pages. Inside are 24 mix-and-match options that you can explore before you start writing. Using only 1 of the 5 key focus points will bring any concept to life and help you avoid story-killing diversions. As a bonus, I’ve also included 15 minutes of guided audio with a step-by-step explanation, so you will always get the best results.


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About Harry Dewulf

Born and educated in the UK, I took my degree at Aberystwyth where I read Drama. Until 2008 I worked in tech startups, including one that survived the busting of the dotcom bubble, and worked in areas as diverse as business process engineering, interface design, client management, quality management, audit, document management, technical and commercial writing… you name it. Such is the nature of startups. I started densewords in 2008 originally to freelance as a commercial writer and translator, but having worked on a few novels, friends encouraged me to offer editing to the new eBook market, which I have been doing ever since. I now live in rural France where the internets fear to tread…

More stuff I am into:New Scientist, bad code, cognitive games






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