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Does your book need a Literary Editor? 

High-level editing deals with the characters, plot, structure, and the overall approach to telling a story. The simplest way to know if you need a Literary Editor is to test your writing for warning signs. Sign up to receive the Dewulf Bulletin and I'll send you my free guide: Warning Words - 49 Words & Expressions That Can Tell You Instantly If Something Is  Wrong With a Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph or Even Your Entire Manuscript.

What Is Literary Editing?

I help with the what and the how of a novel. The what is the story: what happens and who to. The how is the narrative: how the story is told to the reader, and how it makes the reader feel.

Perfecting the story is a collaboration, where the author has a story they want to tell, and I help you develop and realize it. Perfecting the narrative is a collaboration, where I identify the author's weaknesses and teach you how to profit from your strengths.

I've spent 8 years working with over 60 authors learning how to help authors make better stories.

The result of working with me is that your book is the best it can be...

... and your next book will be even better.

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