Find out what it takes to write a novel that readers can't put down.

Full Content Edit:-   This is the best way to make your book as good as you can make it. To learn as much as you can from the process of creating this book, before you publish and move on to the next one. To take what you've learned in this book and apply it to the next one. A better book gets more attention - better reviews, better word of mouth and more sales.
Story Development Consultation:- You have a new story idea, or the beginnings of a new story idea. What now? How do you take your idea and turn it into a story? You've written the first, second, third book of your series. You know where the big external arcs are going. But what's going to happen in the next book? You have a great original concept. How do you make it into a great novel?
Editorial Assessment:-   This is the fastest, and most efficient way to get an unbiased, reliable, professional opinion on your novel.
Required Reading 100 books you should know and read I have compiled a list of 100 books that I think every author should at the very least know about, and should, for preference, read. These are all books that have, one way or another, shaped the culture of writing in English, and the culture of reading in English - in fact many of them have shaped world literary culture. Can you afford not to know what they are?

Does your book need an Editor? 

High-level editing deals with the characters, plot, structure, and the overall approach to telling a story. The simplest way to know if you need an Editor is to test your writing for warning signs. Sign up to receive the Dewulf Bulletin and I'll send you my free guide: Warning Words - 49 Words & Expressions That Can Tell You Instantly If Something Is  Wrong With a Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph or Even Your Entire Manuscript.

What Is Literary Editing?

I help with the what and the how of a novel. The what is the story: what happens and who to. The how is the narrative: how the story is told to the reader, and how it makes the reader feel.

Perfecting the story is a collaboration, where the author has a story they want to tell, and I help you develop and realize it. Perfecting the narrative is a collaboration, where I identify the author's weaknesses and teach you how to profit from your strengths.

I've spent 8 years working with over 60 authors learning how to help authors make better stories.

The result of working with me is that your book is the best it can be...

... and your next book will be even better.

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"FAQ off"

Is a literary editor only for "Literary Fiction"

'Literary fiction' doesn't really exist. It's what distributors call books that they can't easily categorize. Most books, possibly all, are genre fiction. The days of literary snobbery, where some books were considered worthy literature and others considered mass-market pulp, are long behind us. If you write fiction, you write literature, and your work is literary.

Does a literary editor edit any genre then?

Genre is a marketing tool, and a convenience for readers. It helps them narrow down the bewildering choice of new books. There are 'genre conventions' and some editors do specialize in those conventions. I specialize in stories. If you're trying to tell a story, I can help you.

Is a literary editor more expensive than a 'normal' content editor?

When I was a teenager publishing was still a very snobbish closed shop, and the label 'literary' was used to keep you out. Well, they can't keep you out any more. Doesn't matter what sort of education you had. Doesn't matter what your family background was. Doesn't matter your ethnicity or your religion. If you want to write and publish stories, you can. It's hard work, and you need help, and some of the folks whose help you need, you will have to pay, like an artist for your cover, and a copy editor to correct your spelling and punctuation. And me. I'll help you ensure that your book delivers the reader the satisfaction the reader is looking for.

Last year I did a detailed survey of how to find an editor, and how to work out how much it would cost. You can read the whole thing here. Prices haven't changed significantly since last year. Go to the Editing page for more details of my services, and how much they cost. (My prices are only a little higher than average, as far as I can find out.)